Installation & Repair


A reliable, high-quality irrigation system encourages the growth of your grass and plants, and helps keep your property lush and green, even in through those hot summer months. When you’re system isn’t cutting it, you can come to the experts at Tree Amigos for top-notch irrigation installation services. We use the latest technology to ensure proper coverage, water amount, energy efficiency and more.

Steps of Installation

After a detailed analysis of your irrigation system, we determine the best course of action to facilitate a healthy, lush yard throughout all months of the year:

  • A detailed timer analysis and adjustment to ensure proper time and date settings for all active irrigation zones

  • Complete diagnosis of all irrigation heads in all zones

  • Head adjustments for each sprinkler to ensure proper coverage in each zone

  • A diagnostic report of your entire irrigation system
    Need your irrigation system repaired? Don’t panic! Tree Amigos has the experience to address any issue with your sprinkler system. Let us take a professional team diagnose and fix any existing problems. They will also offer advice as to how to avoid more issues arising in the future.


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